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Wake up calls


Terms and conditions

The user of this service must not abuse it. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, ordering wake up calls to someone who does not wish to receive it. We will cooperate with law enforcement inquiries and provide any available digital evidence if required. If you've received an unwanted wake up call from our service, please reach out to us via email to block your phone number.

Roslab AB strives to deliver all ordered wake up calls but delivery is not guaranteed. Delivery can not be guaranteed as it depends on a number of systems and connections, including the Internet, the users phone operator and the user's phone. Roslab AB takes no responsibility for non-delivered or delayed wake up calls. Roslab AB is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising out of wake up calls which are not delivered or delayed.

This service is only intended to be used with UK fixed and mobile phones.

By using this service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of this service. This site may change these terms and conditions at any time, and shall become effective immediately upon posting to this page.