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Wake up calls

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Wake up call is a rather old service which BT and other operators have provided for over 30 years. Not much has changed since it was launched. Therefore, we think it is particularly enjoyable to now be able to offer a new version.
In our wake up service the customer can choose which type of sound the alarm should have and it can be ordered to both fixed and mobile phones in the UK.

As we navigate payment provider challenges, we're offering our service for free to fixed line phones. Once resolved, it will again be possible to order calls to mobile phones as well.


The users of this service must not abuse it. Abuse includes but is not limited to ordering wake up calls to other people without their consent. We will cooperate with law enforcement inquiries and provide any available digital evidence if required. If you've received an unwanted wake-up call from our service, please reach out to us via email to block your phone number.

About us

ROSLAB AB powers this service. We are a Swedish limited IT company which enjoys creating and running automated phone solutions. Please visit us at www.roslab.com for more information.

Wake-up calls in other countries

We also offer wake-up calls in several other countries. Please visit our other wake-up call websites for more information, or to order a wake-up call to another country.