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More Info

Wake up call is a rather old service which BT and other operators have provided for over 20 years. Not much has changed since it was launched. Therefore, we think it is particularly enjoyable to now be able to offer a new version.

In our version the customer can choose which type of sound the alarm should have and it can be ordered to both fixed and mobile phones in the UK.

Earlier it was free to use this service. Unfortunately it was not economically possible for us to continue to offer this service for free. Instead we are now using a SMS based payment option, Mobile Payment by fortumo.co.uk.


The users of this service must not abuse it. In order to minimize abuse it is also possible for the receiver to block his phone number from this service. At the end of every wake up call there is an option to press 3 on the keypad to add the phone number to our block list.

About us

UkWakeUp.co.uk is developed and run by Roslab AB. We develop and offer automatic phone services including Voice-SMS to businesses and organizations. Please visit us at www.roslab.com for more information.