Automatic Wake up calls for England / UK.

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Wake Up Call

Would you like to order a wake up call? Then you have found the right place! This site offers automatic alarm calls to all fixed and mobile phones in the UK.

How does it work?

1) Select which type of wake up call you would like and at which time it should be delivered.
2) Enter the phone number which we should dial.
3) Click on 'Order'.
4) The cost is normally 0.50 but it's now free for a limited period.

That is it!

Alarm call advantages

  • In case there is no answer, we dial up to ten times, once every ten minutes.
  • You can choose how you would like to be waken up - With a friendly voice, bird song or maybe a horn blow?
  • Our service is easy to use!

Order a wake up call

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Phone Number

Please note that ABUSE of this service is not allowed and may be reported to the Police with digital traces.

Free wake up calls for limited period

At the momennt our payment provider is having billing issues.
This service is free to use until the payment works fine again.